The software development world has changed. The translation word has changed. Localization experts are challenged to bridge both worlds while delivering business value.

Continuous Localization is the biggest change  in software globalization seen this decade.

With the help of early-adopter companies, we're writing the playbook.

What is the playbook about? We are profiling the problems at the intersection of agile software development and deployment coupled with translation and localization.

This isn't a new problem. But there are more questions than answers...

  • Software that used to be shipped in boxes is now delivered instantaneously. As software is delivered continuously, how can it be continuously translated?
  • Multilingual software products needed human translation, but how do you keep up to with ever-increasing updates, smaller job sizes, price pressure?
  • Machine Translation is getting better. When will good enough be deployable? Who's doing it now?  
  • Localization managers must understand both worlds and deliver value  – but the pace of change is increasing. Budgets are decreasing. Can they keep up?

Methodology: We're not using the old method of showcasing success stories and vendors. Everyone is tired of that. Or at least we are...

Instead we're early adopters of a Problem Preeminence Playbook method -- our adaptation of  The Preeminence Growth Strategy, advocated by American Express.

That means we @ OnGlobal locate and explore problems within the industry that are hot topics. We explore those areas with willing early-adopter candidate companies.

Those early adopters get profile in the playbook and an ability to comment on the content. They are not directly linked to the problems, but appear with a link and logo in the back of the report. They also have early access to the findings, recommendations and, if applicable, any new products developed.

(For an example of our previous collaborations. see how we turned an interview about scaling up into a case study around Marley Spoon's success and another on the international expansion of SaaS company Happeo. )

Who is it For: We're interviewing with SaaS developers, localization managers and translators about the problems and solutions around Continuous Localization. Since the problems appear to transcend a single domain, the audience is also made up of these same subjects.

What is in the playbook content: This is a tough question, as the content tends to take shape after the companies tell their story during an interview with us. We can't predict the hotspots in advance, only identify them after the fact. Then document those and, if practical, profile the company in the best possible way.  

What's involved? Interviews take about 20-30 minutes with follow-up clarification via email. Your information remains confidential and protected by our privacy policy. Any references to your company, along with the context, is approved by you. Likewise, if you wish to opt out after the face, that's fine too.

You can participate in two ways:

1) A contributor :

a) Background Contributor (your name & company are never mentioned)

b) Profiled Person and/or Company (your company or name get a free profile)

2) A reader & stakeholder:

Get  access to the document into a hot topic in this article's insights.

The expected reach will be 1,000+ downloads. Possibly more if we partner with a large language consultancy or SaaS global payments company for publication.

Both readers and contributors can sign up using the contact form below and the words "Continuous Localization" and "Contributor / Reader" in the comment section to reserve your place.