Continuous Localization

There is a collision coming in global software companies. This guide helps localization managers be heroes to their software developers.

The software development world has changed. The translation word has changed. Localization experts are challenged to bridge both worlds while delivering business value.

Continuous Localization is the biggest change in software globalization seen this decade.

With the help of early-adopter companies, we wrote a playbook.

Who is it For: Localization professionals using Agile methods, but are struggling to engage with their development team.

What is the playbook about? We profiled the problems at the intersection of agile software development and deployment coupled with translation and localization. We outlined the history of these problems and the profiled mindset found in development and translations that contributed to the conflict that can be found between these two groups.

Then we looked at what best-in-class companies are doing to solve those problems.

We also offered our own original observations and a list of best practices from a group of great companies interviewed.

Table Of Contents:

  • Waterfall Development -  the way it has been for a decade.
  • Along came Agile - Agile is much more than a process. Do you know why?
  • The coming collision in your company and how to avoid it.
  • The true root cause of the problems in continuous localization.
  • The impact on continuous localization.
  • Solutions with hidden problems: 1) The Agile Afterthought and 2) The Shift Left Philosophy.
  • How to avoid localization being on the losing side of every argument.
  • OnGlobal operating recommendations
  • OnGlobal best practice recommendations from leading-edge companies.

What is Continuous Software Localization?

Expert Analysis from Lingoport

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