Case Study: Aynur Abbott Fine Jewelry - International Expansion Plans

How can a local e-commerce entrepreneur avoid a failed first step into an international market? We spoke with a highly successful Shopify store owner starting her international market planning.

Aynur Abbott, is the Founder and Creative Director at Aynur Abbott Fine  Jewelry - a successful, Netherlands-based e-commerce company poised for growth.
2020 is their year for international expansion. Aynur told us that they  are currently working on their plan to go global.
Based on her experience as an online entrepreneur, we asked her what she  thought was the biggest risk to entrepreneurs expanding their online businesses internationally.
Without hesitation she answered “Picking the wrong market”. She said it  would be easy to incorrectly assess the odds of success by relying on  simple logic. Assuming that because Aynur Abbott sells women’s jewelry  and there are women everywhere in the world, that they could pick any  market and succeed. But their unique selling proposition, product and pricing are key factors to consider that could lead to product fit in a new market.
Aynur correctly says that there are no shortcuts to success in a new market. She will spend time researching potential markets, speaking with scale-up experts (she happens to be married to one), and making time in her agenda to talk to fellow e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to go global.
With such a methodical approach, backed by expert advisors and the ability to test ideas coupled with getting advice from fellow store owners, we see the beginning of a success story in the making at .

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