Who is behind OnGlobal.co?

Jerry Everett is the Founder and Lead Author at OnGlobal.co.

He is an expat entrepreneur, currently living in the Netherlands. With a two-person team, he lead the US and global expansion of OnConference.com from a small startup to a successful online-based business with 4000+ customers in 70 countries around the world.

In the US expansion, he and his cofounder won out against larger competitors, with the most expensive marketing acquisition costs, within in a highly regulated market. Facing patent trolls and the world's most litigious customers.

In 2015 he sold the company, with US revenues having grown to exceed all other country revenues, combined.

He's an entrepreneur first, an engineer second and an executive only when necessary.

You can follow him on twitter or connect on LinkedIN or get in touch about your international expansion through this contact page.

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