About OnGlobal.co

The OnGlobal Project (OnGlobal.c0) studies the international expansion of companies.  McKinsey tells us that four out of five new market entries fail. We're trying to learn why. We publish what we learn in case studies, playbooks, reports and opinion pieces here.

We also develop and maintain references and resources for localization professionals working to make their company's international expansion a success.

Companies expand internationally for a variety of reasons including, entrepreneurial opportunism, growth mandates from executives or board members, or a simple desire to 'go global'.

However, the graveyard of global expansion failures is well known. You can probably recall reading of at least one company whose mistakes cost millions to its stakeholders.

Our focus is on using data to enable international expansion success. Can you, by studying data from the past, predict what is your next, best target country in the future?

If you're interested in data-driven international expansion, please contact us.

Jerry Everett is the Founder and lead author at OnGlobal.co. He is a Canadian-born entrepreneur, currently living in the Netherlands. You can connect on LinkedIn.

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