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- Review of i18n software libraries (beta) - Business case for l10n engineering tools - (Obvious?) Organizations and References

Two things in beta and then a start at a list. If you have resources you want to add, please get in touch using the contact form.

1) A complete listing of I18n Software Libraries with reviews and ratings of each by engineers.

Are you interested in an objective review of all the internationalization Software Libraries available currently?

This would include the i18n library: Name, Location, Author, Support Leve, comments from other users, and an objective review and rating (1-5) on the completeness of its functionality and suitability for your project.

Your response will determine if we invest in this project. If you're not interested, please don't sign up.

We will not sell, spam or drown you in sales messages. Just inform you if this does or does not go forward.

The signup link is below the next paragraph.

2) The Business Case for Eradication of Software Internationalization & Localization Bugs

Building a business case for any toolset is a challenge. Building a business case that can stand up to the scrutiny of a VP of Engineering or even a numbers-oriented engineering manager is a huge internal barrier.

We've developed a simple, but very effective, business case presentation that we'd love to share with you on a private one-on-one online preview. No hard sell, just helping you succeed in your internationalization. We've shown it to a few other software companies and their response has been very positive.

If you're interested in booking a private online preview, sign up below.

Here's the signup form for this business case and other resources.

3) The (Obvious?) Organizations and References

Unicode's Language Plural Rules

Mozilla's I18n Developer Guide

Official ICU Libraries

Managing dictionaries

Special thanks to Moshe Jonathan Gordon Radian for inspiring and authoring many of the items on this list!

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